Types and Personalities of Casks

The clue is in the name, we know about casks. You come to us for: how to procure a cask; how to find out how much casks cost; how long should you keep a cask; what kind of casks even are there?

That last one was answered in full at the end of September.

In order for you to understand casks on a whole new level we will now take you into a more meditative realm: which cask ARE you?

We all know when our friend is being a bit of an American Oak so we know that casks and people do in fact have overlapping features. People and casks both come in a variety of widths, volumes, ages and heights. More importantly, they come with different souls, intrinsic qualities that can be determined by a fun quiz. In the same way that owners inevitably resemble their pets, we believe that knowing your own cask type will help you choose the right cask when it comes time to mature your whisky. Behold, the What Cask Are You Quiz!


First, we’re having a cheeky wee dram before lunch – which of our whiskies do you fancy?

A) The Scotch Express Series: Caledonian Railway. Very fragrant on the nose, leading with gorse flowers and pineapple syrup. While on the palate it is much drier than the nose suggests, with oaky and tannic notes at the fore. Bitter orange marmalade takes over and does the heavy lifting, supported by a scaffold of beeswax.

B) The Digestive Dram 27 Year Old. The aroma of this dram sits heavy on the nose, oozing like syrup. Muscovado sugar warmed up. On the palate you get crumpets dripping butter and honey, toasted hazelnuts, and a medium finish of really high cocoa milk chocolate.

C) A sample from the Cask 88 in house casks. This stuff is thick and dark. It is exciting, very rich and sweetly flavoured – there is nothing like it.

D) Folklore Series: Cailleach Beira. Though you can’t buy a bottle, it is sold out, you are kindly offered a dram. The nose starts sweet and musty, like freshly trampled grapes. There’s a richness like black cherry jam on wholemeal toast. The toasted note becomes a full burning peat fire within a few moments, undercut by grated nutmeg and Laproaig’s distinctive algal iodine.


Lunchtime already! What are you having?

A) Most often I eat a sandwich. I like to keep things simple but sometimes I might make a good old fashioned baloney and sliced cheese. If it’s Friday, perhaps a cheeky KFC.

B) Something simple, my main meal is dinner, so maybe just some bread with tomato, an omelette, or perhaps a nice salad with plenty of olive oil.

C) I don’t have much of an appetite: maybe a little sushi or about…an eighth of a sandwich…

D) I would love some nice cheese, ham, maybe a fried egg and even better if it is all inside one toasted sandwich.


And for dessert?

A) Where to start – I love sweet things! Basically any cake, especially red velvet, with vanilla frosting.

B) Anything with custard, lots of cinnamon…the ideal is a Créme Caramel. I love how the heat caramelises the sugar. All the best things are charred.

C) Hmm something little, just to have quickly before the night continues. Maybe a lotus biscuit alongside my coffee or a small macaron.

D) Like above I would love a macaron but why does it have to be one? There are so many flavours to try, classic and new!

Your partner and/or best friend has decided it would be fun to start dance classes. You agree, but say you will only go if it is…?

A) Well, dancing is not an everyday occurrence for you but if you must, then something easy…Set moves, not too much room for hurting yourself or someone else…some form of country dancing, perhaps?

B) What an opportunity! You hoped that they would ask, you have a lot of passion and spice you want to share with the world. The perfect dance class? Salsa.

C) What kind of dancing do they do at a rave? That one.

D) Perhaps a little Ballroom? There is nothing more romantic than a waltz.




When you are walking in the street and the leaves are falling from the Autumn trees do you think:

A) ‘Hum! I hope a street cleaner comes by soon to clean all this up.’

B) ‘Wow, there were never this many leafy trees in my home country. Brrrr, I’m cold.’

C) ‘Such beauty, such grace! I must find someone to hold hands with, under this colourful canopy of nature’s final gift!’

D) ‘Ooh, better get a picture.  My followers would love this. Gosh, that is a stiff breeze, where can I visit around here for a lovely hot drink…or maybe I need a restorative glass of wine…’

The Answers…

Mostly ‘A’s – You are an American Oak Barrel. The reliable type! Sweet and universally loved. You got good grades and you do well but mostly that’s because you put the effort in. It doesn’t take long to get to know you and people often value your friendship. Friends often say you give off coconut vibes…but you’re not really sure what they mean…

Mostly ‘B’s – You are a Sherry Butt. Hold me closer, tiny dancer! That’s you every Saturday night, while you enjoy some salsa dancing with your friends, who are all smaller than you. Some people find you overwhelming, your size and spice frightens them, but they are the sort of people to live life in pure vanilla. Once they have got to know you they appreciate your more mature notes. Really, you are a bit of a rare commodity so those that do like a bit of spice are likely to worship you and your cinnamon blend.

Mostly ‘C’s – You are a Quarter Cask. Life is a whirlwind with you! Once you meet people you quickly form bonds and have small but potent adventures together. You are pretty full on and if the night waxes a little too long then people might want to walk away. But taken in the right quantities you are a dream. In fact, The Midsummer Night’s Dream quote comes to mind: “Though she be but little she is fierce”.

Mostly ‘D’s – You are a Barrique. Lover of fine wine and the best cuisine. You know life is about slowing down and enjoying each and every tasty morsel. You love to go out in search of the latest and best delis and restaurants. To do that, social media is your friend. Somehow you are both old money but also very up to date. You love fusion food – a mix of cultures! Traditionalists may turn their noses up but you can’t win them all.

What Does It All Mean?

Though we may have been guessing at what each cask would look like in human form we hope that this quiz has given you further insight into the private lives of casks. If you are on your own journey, looking for that perfect cask, we offer you this as a fun boost to your search! Perhaps we have made the different types more memorable or given you a personal affinity for a single one. These four casks are by no means a full list, for an all-encompassing look at types of casks may we recommend this page here.

If you would like to speak to our Sales Team about which kinds of casks we have on offer, visit this page here.

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