Distinguished Whisky Hand Selected By The Highlander Inn

Earlier this year we enlisted the help of the famous nose and palate of the one and only Tatsuya Minagawa of the Highlander Inn, to select this most delectable, highly distinguished ‘Digestive Dram’. It’s a limited edition, collectible bottle that you really don’t want to miss…

The Epicentre of the Malt Whisky Universe

For those who love their single malts, the Highlander Inn in the Heart of Speyside needs no introduction. Owned by eminent malt fanatic Tatsuya Minagawa, this cosy whisky bar is known across the globe for its well-stocked and curated list of spirits, and its reputation for a very warm welcome. For fans of the golden spirit, a visit to Speyside is not complete without a pilgrimage to the bar of the Highlander Inn.

The Epicentre of the Malt Whisky Universe

A Spirited Partnership

It was a pleasure, and an honour, to work together with Tatsuya to find the ideal ‘digestive dram’ to delight his discerning clientele. Many whiskies were sampled – the process was long, but we survived – and this fine 27 Year Old Single Cask Blended Malt* was the expression that impressed us the most.

It was the perfect after dinner dram, one to aid digestion (hence the alliterative name) and to ease one into the evening; the sunset colours on the label are evocative of the blushing golden colour of our chosen malt, which is non-coloured and non-chill-filtered (yes, that’s all natural colour).

*Are we mixing our metaphors? Not quite – the single malts in this blend were introduced to each other as spirits, and then matured for 27 years together in the same cask. Category-bending? Maybe. Delicious? Certainly.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Early Sunset

Nose: The aroma of this dram sits heavy on the nose, oozing like syrup. Muscovado sugar warmed up. There are fresh notes of plum and greengage, intermediate notes of fresh honey, and a final note of ground mace.

Palate: ‘Digestive dram’ indeed, this could be perfect after dinner or a big lunch. Crumpets dripping butter and honey vie with armagnac prunes, toasted hazelnuts, and a medium finish of really high cocoa milk chocolate.

A Superior Blend of Malts

The blend contains the spirit from four Scottish distilleries – the identities of which we cannot disclose, since the spirits were combined in cask in 1994, before they had reached the compulsory three years of age.

Think you know your whisky? We challenge you to identify the four.

Twenty-five years later, the liquid was transferred to an ex-sherry Hogshead for a couple of years of finishing, before being bottled in 2021. Only 260 bottles total are available of this highly delectable ‘digestive dram’ – once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Bottles are available for just £120, from the Highlander Inn in Speyside, and for home delivery exclusively through cask88.com

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