Building An Empire

Glenlivet was founded by whisky-legend George Smith all the way back in 1824. It was the first “legal” distillery in Scotland, with most whisky producers at the time being illicit. Smith was granted a distillery license by the Duke of Gordon and he set about creating excellent whisky from the get-go.

As the years went by, word of Glenlivet’s whisky spread around Scotland and beyond, and those in the United States soon got a taste for the incredible spirit that was being produced in the heart of Speyside. From then on, there was no looking back. Americans developed such a love for The Glenlivet that, even during prohibition, they wanted to get their hands on it…

A Legend Is Born.

This is where Abe Rosenberg comes in. A prominent figure in the Scotch whisky industry, the New Yorker imported thousands of bottles in the post prohibition era, but somehow also managed to get whisky onto American shores during the years where alcohol was illegal. This naturally turned him into something of a legend.

While Abe was importing whisky, much of it blended, he developed a taste for the single malts used in their creation and this, in turn, allowed him to develop a rather sophisticated nose and palate.

During World War 2, he started buying many single barrels from some of Scotland’s best distilleries, including Glenlivet. By the time of his passing in 1994, he had amassed a huge collection of around 4,000 single casks, filled with some of the best single malt produced in Scotland over the past century.

History In A Bottle.

When we heard Abe’s incredible story and dedication to advancing single malt whisky, we felt it only fitting to release a bottle to commemorate his contributions and allow his legacy to enjoy a prominent place in whisky cabinets around the globe.

Among the many incredible casks that remain from Abe’s original collection, none was more prolific than a 50 year old barrel distilled at Glenlivet in 1968.

Since Abe sadly never got around to bottling the cask himself, when we were presented with the opportunity to release this extraordinary cask we knew we had to get it right.It was important to honor George Smith and Abe Rosenberg by giving the utmost attention to detail to capture the spirit of these extraordinary figures.

World-Class Design.

Coming in a hand-carved wooden display case created by the master-craftsman at Croglin, this release exudes quality before you’ve even laid eyes on the bottle. The case is inspired by the aesthetics of a whisky cask, and it is absolutely stunning.

The bottle itself comes from one of the finest glass producers in Italy, and was designed meticulously to beam sophistication from every angle. Each limited edition bottle is adorned by a bespoke tampered silver seal and silver neck-band, carefully created by one of Scotland’s finest silversmiths, Hayward & Stott, and engraved with the utmost attention to detail.

With an aurora of luxury surrounding every aspect, this whisky is one that will be the centrepiece of any whisky cabinet and draw the attention of friends, family and colleagues. It’s a masterpiece that is one of the most visually striking expressions of all time… This is a bottle that demands appreciation.

The Upper Echelon Of Whisky.

The flavour profile and notes are among the most enticing of any dram in history. The nose is rich, sweet and full bodied, with an intense infusion between the spirit and the cask being entirely obvious from the beginning.

The taste is absolutely astonishing with an explosion of flavour. It will tantalize your senses with a wonderful combination of Iberian fruit and creamy caramel, mingled with vanilla foundations only found in “Crack” Single Malts that have had the luck of maturing for half a century. The notes fill your palate and slow-waltz back and forth, leaving you in an euphoric state of mind.

The finish is just as grand and this fine single malt doesn’t “cross the line” abruptly. There’s an intense warmth that remains for some time. It’s the sweetest whisky dream you could ever imagine and with each sip you’re left with an even deeper sense of fulfillment. For the few who get the opportunity to experience this exclusive single malt, it will be a moment they will remember for a lifetime.

Reserve Your Bottle Today.

In keeping with our commitment to releasing this historic whisky, we’re really ecstatic to offer these limited edition bottles for just 6800 GBP / $8900 USD. With the huge amount of interest in premium Glenlivet expressions and the incredible story behind the cask, this is a really a rare opportunity. Without doubt, these bottles will be an instant classic and once they sell out it’s unlikely you’ll ever see a similar release again. Especially not at this price point.

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