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Award-winning independent bottler, and whisky cask specialist, Cask 88 is on a mission to take discerning clients on a journey from cask to glass, by offering clients the opportunity to select, purchase, label and package their own exclusive whisky drawn from the finest Scottish whisky casks. The company founders have been trading collectible single malt since 1987 and opened the Asia office in 2013; now Cask 88 offers a wide selection of old and rare casks from world-renowned distilleries, and provides end-to-end care that includes cask procurement and storage, bespoke packaging design and bottling services. An extensive inventory and expansive global network provide an unparalleled selection of fine whiskies, which attracts a wide clientele from London, Hong Kong and Beijing to New York.

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  • Whisky cask specialists Cask 88 reveal the final two bottles in their series that pays tribute to the great railway routes that served Scotland in the Victorian era, connections which ignited rapid growth of the Scotch whisky industry. October 8, 2021EDINBURGH — Friday 8 October 2021 – The railway routes and locomotives that fuelled Scotland’s great […]

  • Sponsorship of the hillclimb festival sees Cask 88 releasing a limited edition whisky to commemorate the 14th Revival. August 31, 2021Image Credit: David Baxter PhotographyEDINBURGH — Tuesday 31 August 2021 – The Bo’ness Revival Hillclimb Festival is racing ahead with Cask 88, as part of a three-year sponsorship deal, to provide an impactful contribution to the […]

  • The nightmarish Nuckelavee is the folkloric creature inspiring the fourth single cask whisky in Cask 88’s Scottish Folklore Series, a 31 year old single malt distilled at Highland Park. December 10, 2020EDINBURGH — Thursday 10 December 2020 – The fourth release in an award-winning series of single cask whisky bottlings inspired by the legends of Scottish Folklore, from […]

  • As the premium rum category shows significant recent growth, rare whisky specialists Cask 88 introduce Scotch whisky drinkers to three single cask expressions from South and Central America. August 12, 2020EDINBURGH — Wednesday 12 August 2020 – Award-winning independent bottler of rare and old Scotch whisky, Cask 88, have just introduced a new line of independently […]

  • Pandemic-delayed release of 19 year old single cask whisky distilled at Laphroaig gives frost-bringer Cailleach Beira of Scottish Folklore a chance to walk in the sun. July 15, 2020EDINBURGH — Wednesday 15 July 2020 – Whisky cask broker and independent bottler Cask 88 have just announced the release of the third in their award-winning series of […]

Press Coverage

  • Departures International Online

    Enter Cask 88, a Scottish firm that has access to casks from major distilleries across the country and has just built a new warehouse in Speyside where owners can go visit theirs and arrange for bottling. They have partnered with a range of firms to offer a variety of bespoke bottling options, from the simplest of labels to ornate wooden cases crafted by standout British brands like Linley.

  • Scottish Field

    The railway routes and locomotives that fuelled Scotland’s great proliferation of whisky distilleries in the late 19th century have inspired some new drams. The railway is the subject championed in the latest whisky collection released by award winning independent bottler Cask 88. The Glasgow & South-Western Railway, represented by a 10 year old single malt distilled at Auchentoshan, and the Caledonian Railway, represented by a 15 year old single malt distilled at Deanston, are the final routes to join the series of single cask Scotch whisky expressions depicting five of the major Scottish railway operators from history.

  • The Times

    The Edinburgh-based Cask 88, a seller of premium whisky casks and bottled whisky, has noted younger people with a preference for a younger spirit driving demand for casks as an investment vehicle. “As people are spending more time finding out who made their whisky, where they made it and what it was made from, it follows that some of them will get the idea in their head that they want to be more involved,” Sam Laing, of Cask 88, said.

  • Daily Record

    One of Scotland's classic motorsport events – the Bo'ness Revival Hillclimb Festival – is on its way back after the Covid pandemic thanks to the backing of whisky specialists Cask 88.

  • Square Mile

    WHEN IT COMES to buying whisky, a full cask is the holy grail. There’s none of the cynicism associated with blue-chip bottle flipping; the contents should appreciate in value over time; and then there are the unquestionable bragging rights. You can even create your own-brand whisky – perfect for gifts or enjoying with your best drinking buddies. But all of this does of course come at significant cost. Cask 88 has built a reputation as one of the best in the business at cask procurement and cask storage. But the family-owned company also appreciates that sometimes you just want one special bottle rather than a whole cask.