The Scotch Whisky Express

An Iconic 5-Bottle Series Celebrating Scottish Railways

It became possible to travel by rail from London through to Scotland by the late 1840s, and a train from the south by both West and East Coast routes would come to be known as a ‘Scotch Express,’Perhaps the most famous began running to Edinburgh in 1862, although it was not until 1924 it officially received the title ‘Flying Scotsman’. The early trains at first did not run to fast schedules, and it was only towards the end of the 19th century the term ‘Express’ could properly be applied.

Regardless of how quickly they got there, the new influx of visitors to Scotland helped to bring about a great expansion of the Scottish railways, with five major companies bringing services to all corners of the country until they merged with the British network in 1923.

Each bottle in the Scotch Express series pays tribute to a classic Scottish railway operator, with beautiful artwork by Robin Barnes bringing new life to the locomotives that once ran these rails. Our whiskies are sourced from distilleries along the routes – the expansion of rail having brought new connections to these Scottish industries, and opened them up to the world.

“These bottles celebrate the routes that brought people and whisky together”


A 1940s childhood passed within sight and sound of a busy main-line railway on which every train was hauled by a steam locomotive, many of them bearing names to grip the youthful imagination – Golden Eagle, Royal Lancer, Sayajirao, Irish Elegance, Jingling Geordie and Wizard of the Moor – led inevitably to a fascination with trains and railways, which over time broadened into a wider interest in other forms of transport too, on the sea and in the air.

Without Robin’s artwork, this series would not exist. He has captured iconic locomotives in highly detailed watercolour on the bottles, and scenes of the railways in their wider Scottish context for our magazine advertising.


1st Release
Highland Railway

The premiere release from the much anticipated Scotch Express Series. The “Highland Railway” celebrates the popular railway line that connected the Highlands to the southern regions of Scotland by featuring a bold single malt expression from the Blair Athol distillery. Don’t miss your opportunity to showcase the industrial spirit of rail on your top shelf.

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Scotch Express Series

2nd Release
North British Railway

The second installment in the popular Scotch Express Series takes fans on a wild ride with a beautiful bottle commemorating the North British Railway. The bold single malt expression from the Fettercairn distillery is sure to be one you remember with its rich and distinguished flavor profile. Toast the distillers and civil engineers of the past with a dram of this whisky; for they have made the things that endure.

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3rd Release
The Great North Of Scotland Railway

The third release in the Scotch Express Series celebrates yet another of Scotland’s “Whisky Railways” by showcasing a Cowan ‘M’ Class locomotive cutting through a snowy Speyside scene.Robin Barnes gorgeous watercolour rendition adorned on the face of the bottle brings history to life, allowing the shared legacy of whisky and rail to unite once more.

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4th Release
The Glasgow & South Western Railway

The fourth release in the Scotch Express Series continues Cask 88’s adventure across Scottish railways to commemorate The Glasgow & South Western Railway. This triple distilled single malt from the Auchentoshan distillery delivers a light and lively spirit, delighting the palate with classic flavour notes that will take you back in time. Showcase the romanticism of this iconic railway on your top shelf. Reserve your bottle today.

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5th Release
Caledonian Railway

The final release in the Scotch Express Series concludes the voyage along Scotlands five railways by commemorating the Caledonian Railway. This fragrant single malt hails from the Deanston distillery, a relative newcomer to the whisky industry who began whisky production in 1965, nearly coinciding with the closure of the Caledonian railway in the same year. Raise a glass to the spirit of entrepreneurship and put the flashy style of the Caledonian Railway on your top shelf.

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