A Forgotten Experience

It’s a fact too often forgotten that rare whisky is still a drink. A complex drink, brimming with sensations that lie dormant until the cork is popped. Rare whisky deserves to be held in reverence – but that doesn’t mean you need to lock it away. Where crystal decanters and lacquered presentation cases invite you to appreciate the beauty of whisky on the eye, the Cask 88 unfiltered range invites you to experience the beauty of whisky on the palate.

The bottle – it’s elegant enough, sure. But its main job is to get your whisky safely to you. Once it’s in your clutches, release that cork without delay and appreciate the full beauty of this unique spirit – an unfiltered experience created by talented craftsmen to be enjoyed.


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Unfiltered First Release - 4 Bottle Set

Introducing Unfiltered

Unfiltered bottles showcase what independent bottlers bring to the whisky industry. The whiskies are unique – single cask, unblended expressions, they cannot be repeated once the supply is drunk – they are ephemeral, presenting each individual cask as its own entity. By their nature, single cask whiskies are available in small batches of just a couple of hundred bottles. The whiskies will be straight from the cask, untampered with. No colouring, no chill-filtering and no dilution.

Discover The Hidden Gems

We will be selecting according to the quality of the whisky, not based on the brand or hype of the distillery. Some will be older, some younger. Equal prominence will be given to whiskies from famous distilleries and ones from producers that are less well known. Followers of Unfiltered can expect to discover some hidden gems and expand their whisky drinking horizons, without the biases introduced by a distillery’s star power. Our inaugural release features four whiskies that really stood out to our team as spirits that would set the tone for the series to come.

From an Award-Winning Independent Bottler

Award-winning independent bottler, and whisky cask specialist, Cask 88 is on a mission to take discerning clients on a journey from cask to glass, by offering clients the opportunity to select, purchase, label and package their own exclusive whisky drawn from the finest Scottish whisky casks. Cask 88 offers a wide selection of old and rare casks from world-renowned distilleries, and provides end-to-end care that includes cask procurement and storage, bespoke packaging design and bottling services.

Unfiltered First Release – Available Now

The first four bottle release from the Unfiltered series is now available. Bearing in mind the success of other Cask 88 releases, we expect these to sell quickly. Click below to reserve the bottles, or full collection, now.

The Entire Collection

14 Year Old

Indulgent dessert style single malt from the Isle of Mull

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Caol Ila
13 Year Old

Rocky and rugged Hebridean malt that smoulders

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Glen Garioch
12 Year Old

A Honeyed and Heather-Rich Single Malt of the Highlands

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North British
32 Year Old

Bright and citrussy grain whisky from the distant 20th century

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