Cask 88 sells old & rare whisky expressions from world renowned distilleries. An extensive inventory and expansive global network provide an un-matched selection of fine whisky. Our expert team can help procure a specific bottle, buy a cask or create your own bespoke bottling. Bottom-line, we help clients experience truly remarkable whisky!

Each and every cask is unique with outstanding culture, heritage and craftsmanship in every last ounce. The cask is the foundation upon which the story of a whisky begins.

Cask selection is a memorable experience unlike any other and we understand there are a number of reasons why you are looking to buy a cask: to celebrate an important event; to create a unique corporate gift; to create an own brand whisky; or to simply fulfil every whisky connoisseur’s dream of owning their own cask. It’s your opportunity to select a piece of history from the world’s most distinguished artisans, and a rare chance to see how the whisky industry works from a first-hand perspective.
Browse our extensive selection of casks to select one matching your preferred age, flavour, region or distillery.

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